About Us

National Direct Marketing is a direct mail marketing lead generation company founded by insurance agents. We specialize in direct mail marketing and lead generation for the insurance industry and our founders have been involved with direct mail marketing since the early 1990's. Direct Mail Marketing is the most effective way to reach qualified clients for insurance professionals. When a client responds to a direct mail advertisement, they are actually requesting information from you on the product that you are selling! How could it get any better than that? When you pay to use our marketing services, all leads that are returned are EXCLUSIVE to you and delivered in real-time via our lead-crm system. Depending on your line of business and the area you will be mailing to, you can expect anywhere from a 1.5% to a 6% response on your mailings! Yes, we have cards that pull over 5%! Visit our Leads page to get more information on placing an order, or give us a call if you would like for us to setup a personalized marketing campaign for your organization.

Sample Cards

Medicare Supplement

Our Medicare Supplement mail card pulls on average between 3-6% depending on the demographics you are mailing to. We can help you design a campaign that will maximize responses AND sales!

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Medicare Advantage

We have several different Medicare Advantage mail cards that average anywhere from 1.5% - 3% response rates!

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That's not all, we also have pre-designed mailcards for the Final Expense, Annuity and Auto Insurance industries!

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